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Master Your Lens

Welcome to the Master Your Lens Podcast page. 

Starting in January 2018, we will release a new podcast episode every Wednesday with the goal of increasing your knowledge of photography and inspiring you to create your best images ever.

Always dream big,

Matthew Jordan Smith

Jan 30, 2019

Matthew shares what he wished he knew at the start of his career in photography.

Jan 23, 2019

What is the best focus mode for taking pictures? Discover the best camera mode to help you take sharper pictures.

Jan 16, 2019

The 2019 consumer electronics show, better known as CES, has ended in Las Vegas and Matthew shares what surprised him most about this year show. 

Jan 6, 2019

Does the sound of a cameras shutter have an affect on people? Discussion on working silently to capture new and interesting images in photography with mirrorless cameras.

Jan 2, 2019

Matthew walks you through the process of setting and keeping your goals in photography this year.