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Master Your Lens

Welcome to the Master Your Lens Podcast page. 

Starting in January 2018, we will release a new podcast episode every Wednesday with the goal of increasing your knowledge of photography and inspiring you to create your best images ever.

Always dream big,

Matthew Jordan Smith

Oct 9, 2019

What if you only had a few seconds to make an impression on a client. Would you spend a moment of that time looking at the back of your camera to see if you had a good image?

Oct 2, 2019

Have you ever wondered what's the one thing every photographer needs to have with them all the time? Today, we discuss how one small tool can be used to help you achieve greater success in photography.

Sep 25, 2019

Have you heard about the new Profoto C1 and C1 plus light? Many photographers seems to have their feeling on these new lights. This week we go back into photo history and discuss new technology in the photo world.

Sep 18, 2019

If you have ever struggled or worried about being able to make a living as a photographer this episode is created just for you. You'll discover how to overcome indecision and doubt, frustration and discouragement and build an incredible life as a photographer.

Sep 12, 2019

A look back at the first day of the TPM photography conference in Phoenix, Arizona.